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About Us

Visayan Lawyer is an online platform that aims to make the legal profession easily accessible to anyone. So, instead of shopping around town to look for a lawyer or ask google about it, you may now directly send your legal inquiries to a lawyer that serves your location. Just click on the “Book a Free Consultation” button to do that.


The name Visayan Lawyer is not in any way an insinuation. It does not mean that the site only allows Visayan lawyers to use it nor that it is limited to serve the Visayan people or region.

The name pertains to me, the founder of this site, who is a Visayan lawyer. When I first bought the domain name, my initial plan was to use it for my own personal website. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I realized that I could use it as a tool to serve a higher purpose, i.e. to help the law practitioners who were badly affected by the crisis as well the public, who were somehow deprived of access to the legal community due to the lockdown. Hence, I teamed up with one of the best tech guys in my IT company and we came up with this platform.

In other words, everyone is welcome here, Visayan or not.

Atty. Pablito “Jong” Benedian, Jr.
Founder –